Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My ideas about Smart school

The Malaysian Smart School is a learning institution that has been systemically reinvented in terms of teaching-learning practices and school management in order to prepare children for the Information Age and will evolve over time, continuously developing its professional staff, its educational resources, and its administrative capabilities. This will allow the school to adapt to changing conditions, while continuing to prepare students for life in the Information Age.

My ideas about Smart school:

Most of us are already aware of the SMART SCHOOL concept and its development in our country. Recall then education minister Najib Abdul Razak making a statement about “smart schools” -

“…that the first Smart School is being built at a cost of RM144.5 million. Apart from being wired, it would have a hostel for 800 students, an Olympic-size swimming pool, a hockey pitch, a hall and other facilities. Eventually all Malaysian schools will be operated on this concept. …”

It's very clear to us that our government have been and are spending such a very big capital to make this project in order to achieve its goal. So I really hope that all these five (5) stakeholders; -School Stakeholders, Community Stakeholders, Ministry of Education (MoE) Stakeholders, State Stakeholders and Industry Stakeholders- will very committed in the implementation of the SMART SCHOOL. There should be a continuous follow-up by the ministry of education.

There's no use if our SMART SCHOOL is really great it its blue-print but not very successful in its implementation.

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