Monday, February 2, 2009

About Al-Junaidi Mohamad

Hi! My name is Mohd Al-Junaidi Bin Mohamad and I am a master's degree student at the Education University of Sultan Idris a.k.a UPSI. Now I am studying Biology Education and expect to graduate in the early year of 2010. The education courses I have taken prior to and concurrently with my degree level have strengthened my desire and confidence in ability to become a highly qualified instructor.

I plan on using my creativity to lure students into passionate to learn. I believe that all students can learn no matter what are their backgrounds, economy levels, race, sex, IQ levels, interest and what so ever. In my view, every person is born with various abilities; thus it's our role as an educator to explore, develop and expand their abilities into good use. Can you imagine if all of the people in this world are the doctors? What would happen if we only have the engineers and architects? Then who will teach their children? Who will cook in the restaurant, in hotel? Who will keep our place clean and tidy? Who and who? You got me? All I want to say is different people has different abilities and also different responsibilities and roles. The most important things are to make sure all of us would carry out our responsibilities as much as we can. That's why the education is important in every level of profession!

I have learned how to write an effective lesson plans and use a variety of techniques in teaching that suit the needs of different individuals' learning styles. I feel that the university has prepared me to become a successful educator and I believe I will do this with confidence.

Last but not least, I hope I will finish my master's degree studies as soon as possible, and to be be what I am hoping to be by my age of 27. And I hope to get PhD by my age of 35. Sounds crazy but nothing is impossible if God will it, right? Remember, all people can learn(even the young ones)!

For the conclusion, I want to tell you the hope for my country. I really hope that our country will be a place of peace and harmony with no more corruption, cut the power misuse, and zero rebel demonstration! Let's develop our country with honors and dignity. I really hope that our country would become a developed nation with a very stable and high economy standard.

My hope for our education system is I eager want to see a shift in our school system from exam oriented to process skills oriented. No more recalling facts and vomitting the answers in the examination hall. Let's our generation explore and develop their abilities and skills so that we can have many experts in various fields in our beloved country.

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