Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Reflection about PBL strategies learning

There's no doubt that PBL strategy learning is really helpful when it comes to encourage our students to think creative and critical in their minds. Teacher cannot just simply said this way of learning is just another unpractical theory by not giving it a try to his/her class. For me, as a student who had experienced the activity of PBL during my 1st semester of master's degree, I felt my learning process is more meaningful. Because I went through the journey of finding solution through the exploration of various skills. Such as; observation skill, predicting skill, formulating models and experimenting. Even it was hard initially, but when I complete the activity I realize that I had learn many things during the finding of answer. It was different if my teacher or lecturer spoon fed me with the answers. And I can feel the satisfaction of learning when I came to last of the stage of PBL activity; which is generate the possible answer. In short, this PBL activity is challenge my mind and I like that way of learning. So let's try it out to our students. If we as an adult can have fun with this PBL, and so do our students.

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