Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Professional Development Plan


Since now I am studying at master's degree level, I want nothing more than to graduate my master's degree as soon as possible, for I am very looking forward to having a job as a professional science educator at university level. I continued my master's studies straight away after I finished my undergraduate studies. Thanks to Allah who made my dream to further postgraduate studies just after completing my undergraduate studies finally came true; and may He make my next mission; which is to graduate in the year of 2010 become a reality.


I am very dedicated to improving my English communication skills which is a medium of instruction in science education. I wish one day I can speak very fluent in English language, and also can write in a professional way in English. In terms of teaching career, I am very looking forward to learn more about science in education field; especially in research studies and science process skills studies. I think now I am finally found my passion in science education field; I want to be an expert instructor in science process skills which is I wish that subject would be my expert in my career. I want to dig more knowledge and skills in that field.


In the classroom, I hope I will not spoon-feed my students with the factual information or solely the contents. In that way I think my students will appreciate to whatever skills or knowledge they gained. Thus, my main theme of teaching & learning in my class would be in the constructivist way. I believe every students are not like the empty vessel but these people bring along their own ideas, prior knowledge and past experiences to my class. As I consider my self as a creative person (or a creative guy wannabe), I want my students to think in the creative and critical ways. Emphasizing on student centered learning strategies,I will help my students to explore and develop their various skills into good use. As a result, they will find out what they're really good in.

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