Tuesday, March 31, 2009

9 reasons why I like this E-portfolio

Ok guys I want to state here nine reasons why I love this e-portfolio (PERSONAL VIEWS OF MINE):

1. No more paper and hand-writing. I just type whatever assignment,discussion,lab report, lesson plan, CV, resume, etc. with my laptop and upload it on blog. As simple as that!
2. Unlimited space of storage. I can put as many as I want on this e-portfolio. You name it; pictures, videos, power point slides, excel docs, words docs....etc.
3. Safe and secure. No need to worry of losing my artifacts as I have keep them on my blog, no need to keep CD's briefcase all the time, no more CD burning to save the data, assignment, lesson plan, videos, etc. All of these can be displayed in my e-portfolio.
4. No need to bring files, documentation, or papers. It's all in the e-portfolio.
5. I can save the forest. As I can reduce the use of papers, means I have reduce the cut of trees! Green peace.
6. Having a reason to online.
7. I can show my skills of designing my e-portfolio. Like I create blog header, edited photos, 3D text, walking text, animation on my e-portfolio. Look at my blog header! In fact I have lots of it in my laptop.
8. Saving my hand-phone credits. I can announce everything to many friends via the chatbox!
9. Most important thing is, I can share and acquire knowledge with many people around the world. ACQUIRING & SHARING KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEYWORDS

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  1. Good work on your blog. Many interesting learning materials. Stay on it and enrich with other materials.


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