Saturday, March 14, 2009

Problem Based Learning

What do students get from PBL

Ever wonder what goes on when you teach using PBL? Well, here's a video on what students gain from PBL.

Stimulating Physics - Problem Based Learning (University of Leicester)

Institute of Physics in University of Leicester UK uses Problem Based Learning in their physics courses. They take real life problem and tackle them like how real scientists tackle these kind of problems. View the video below and learn how PBL can be used in your class.

What is Problem Based Learning or PBL?

Problem Based Learning is one of the many Student-Centered Learning methods mostly used in Medicine and Engineering Faculties in Universities. It is a proven method in teaching future doctors and engineers to become good problem solvers in their respective fields. After McMaster University pioneered PBL, the rest of the world in all educational related fields followed suit. PBL uses cooperative or collaborative learning. The problems given to the students are real.
Republic Polytechnic in Singapore has adopted PBL in all its courses. Here's a video I found on You Tube on Republic Polytechnic's PBL. PBL works!

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